Heritage High School Senior Parents Group


Welcome to Heritage High School’s Senior Parent Group. We are a group of parent volunteers that seek the help from our local community partners to support this year’s graduating class. We will be fundraising all year to make sure that the Baccalaureate and Senior Grad Party are amazing and memorable experiences for our Seniors.

We are just getting started for this year, so keep checking back and follow us on social media to stay up to date with what we’re doing.

What is the purpose of a Senior Grad Party?

Each year, the parents of the graduating class work hard doing different fundraisers to throw a drug- and alcohol-free graduation party. As graduation approaches, the number of automobile fatalities that involve teens and alcohol jumps from 33% to 40%, with 1/3 of underage drinkers losing their lives during graduation season. Our goal is to raise enough money to help make sure that every student wakes up the day after graduation, ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

Grad Party Tickets Now Available!

Tickets are now avilable for our Class of 2019 Grad Party! Secure yours now while the cost is only $40.  In the Spring The price will go up!

Sponsor a Senior in Need

Every year, there are students who can’t afford to attend the Grad Party or buy a hoodie. 
We would love it if you would sponsor a hoodie or party ticket for our kids.